How it Works

  • Click the Icon above and tell us brief details about your caravan.

  • Click the complete button at the end and all the UK dealers will be notified.

  • Within 5 Seconds, all Dealers will receive an instant mobile message with details.

  • Dealers will then call you for more details and make a cash offer .

  • Choose the best price, agree and the chosen dealer will arrange to collect and pay you.


Quick, Easy and the Best Price Today

Caravan Traders are the only UK portal that connects all caravan dealers in the UK with immediate push notification about your sales request . Caravan dealers are always looking for immediate stock and will call you straight away. Whether you have an urgent requirement for cash, are no longer active enough to maintain camping holidays or are unfortunate to have family tragedy, Caravan Traders is without question your first call to get the best price and quickly if that is what is needed.

Our service is totally free with no hidden catches at all, try it today and we know you will be more than happy.

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