How it Works

  • Click the Sign up Icon above and tell us brief details about yourself.

  • Click the complete button at the end and you will immediately start receiving live sale requests.

  • Within 5 Seconds of a client wishing to sell, you will revive a push message or SMS.

  • Check the leads coming in, if you like it, pay a simple low cost fee and receive there phone number and email.

  • Call the customer, get more details about the caravan, agree a price and go collect and pay .


Cheap caravans normally below trade price

Caravan Traders are the only UK portal that connects distressed caravan owners in the UK with immediate push notification about their caravan to active caravan buyers . Most of our sellers have entered into financial difficulty, are no longer healthy enough to continue caravanning or are families looking to sell deceased owners caravans. Once registered for free, you will immediately start receiving notifications via our app of distressed sales along with the caravan details, location and why the client is looking to sell and all date stamped and timed so you know how long the lead has been active. All leads are live if they are showing as our software ensures the seller updates when there craven is no longer available.

Our service is totally free with no hidden catches at all, you only pay a small fee if you wish to view the customers contact number and email address. Try it today, get yourself a caravan which is normally well below trade price as long as you have immediate cash available, we know you will be more than happy.

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